ColorFabb Carbon Fibre XT-CF20 - Black - 1.75mm - 750g

ColorFabb Carbon Fibre XT-CF20 - Black - 1.75mm - 750g
Brand: colorFabb
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This stuff is the bomb. By combining the toughness and exceptional printing ability of Amphora resin with the added stiffness of chopped carbon fibre ColorFabb has created a monster. Even easier to print than unfilled XT, with exceptional overhangs, accuracy and easy removal of support material. Because carbon fibre is abrasive you may wish to consider purchasing a stainless steel nozzle which has significantly higher wear resistance than our standard brass nozzles. You can find these in the related items section of this page.

ColorFabb XT CF20 is a copolyester based carbon fiber composite material that is based on the unique Amphora 3D polymer from Eastman Chemical and is loaded with no less than 20% specially sourced carbon fibers suitable for 3D Printing.
Combining carbon fibers in filaments material is not a new idea, but colorFabb has been able to combine a lot of desired properties into 1 new material :

  • Extreme High Flex Modulus (6.2 GPa) / twice as stiff as PLA
  • Moderate strain at break (8-10%), so no extreme brittle filament, but toughness
  • High Glass Temp. (Tg = 80C)
  • Very high Melt strength
  • Very high Melt Viscosity
  • Good dimensional accuracy and stability
  • Low odor / Styrene Free solution
  • Easy processing on many platforms
  • High attractive matt black surface


A special point of attention is the abrasive nature of the carbon fibers. In general these fibers will accelerate the nozzle-wear of brass nozzles, much faster than unfilled filaments. There colorFabb recommends to use nozzle’s from Stainless steel or hardened copper alloys.


Just think of all the great applications for a variety industries, that now will have a material that performs according to expectations. Functionality, stiffness, dimensional stability, heat resistant, what more can you ask? Applications in the RC Industry / Drones / Aerospace / Automotive / Prototyping and many more can now be developed on your desktop 3D Printer.

Diameter1.75mm ± 0.05
Minimum Weight750g
Processing Temp.240 - 260ºC
4 ( 4 / 5 )
Hallo,ich nutze dieses Filament erst seit kurzem. Die Druckergebnisse sind aber, ohne große Einstellarbeiten, von Anfang an gut/sehr gut un die Materialeigenschaften entsprechen dem, was ich erwartet hatte. Steifer als PLA (ca. Faktor 2), gleich fest, erheblich höherer Reibwert (Zum Festklemmen hervorragend), sehr gute mechanische Bearbeitbarkeit. Und die Optik ist super.Bin zufrieden.Gruß, Patrick

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