ColorFabb BrassFill- 3mm - 750g

ColorFabb BrassFill- 3mm - 750g
Brand: colorFabb
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3D printing with metal on your own desktop 3d printer! This amazing one of a kind filament will allow you to print with actual brass at home. Straight from the printer parts look almost laser sintered with a matte finish.

The material is still in beta, which means Colorfabb are still working on the formulation to get the best possible performance. This current formulation is providing excellent results on 1.75mm direct drive printers, such as the Makerbot Replicator 2 and Prusa I3.

The filament is slightly softer then bronzeFill and copperFill, and users need to be careful with applying pressure onto the filament. We’ve found that 3D printers using a bowden tube set-up and 2.85mm filament gives the least reliable results. Users need to take extra care of not over stressing the filament, with pressure and retraction settings.

Like copperFill and bronzeFill the brassFill filament can be post processed. A unique quality of brassFill is the lovely golden shine it shows when polished to perfection.






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