Slaying the #DragonOff: 2015 Winners

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Dragon-off Trophies by Louse Drigger. Printed on the E3D BigBox!

DragonOff Trophies by Louse Driggers. Printed on the E3D BigBox!

During October, we were delighted to watch the very first #DragonOff contest develop into something really exciting. The friendly competition was really formed out of a curiosity to see what's going on in the wider 3D printing community. And a real success it's been, thanks to the great support we've received, with dozens of entries showing an enormous variety of styles and techniques. For those of you that missed it, there's a fantastic write-up of the contest and all the entries over at RichRap's blog.

And now, we're delighted to annouce the prize-winners, chosen by contest judge and 3D modeller Louise Driggers, with wingman Richard Horne. All winners take home a variety of E3D and Colorfabb goodies: prizes listed below.

First prize

One very tiny dragon  - DragonOff 2015 winner.

Indalo3D/Miguel Angel Salmeron

One very tiny dragon.

Dragon printed with pellet extruder!

Miguel posted an impressive range of different size dragons, all high quality prints and well presented. He also made an awesome pellet extruded dragon which shows a desire to tinker with technology and get good results. We like.

Miguel wins a box of 3D printing delights from E3D-Online and ColorFabb:

  • A hotEnd upgrade: E3D’s new Jet Pack - All standard V6 and Volcano nozzles from 0.25-1.2mm!.
  • Three special E3D Engineering filaments, including our new soluble support material, Scaffold.
  • Colorfabb’s awesome XT-CF20, along with a hardened steel nozzle from E3D to arm him against carbon fiber abrasion.
  • Last, but not least, no Dragon competition would be complete without a DragonOff trophy.

Congratulations Miguel!

Second prize

Flame Thrower Adalinda - DragonOff 2015

Batuhan Esirger/Flame thrower Adalinda


There has been much talk about modding Adalinda to breathe fire, but only one person has actually achieved it and to great effect!  This is a visually stunning derivation, which we want to try out ourselves. It piqued the interest of the press as well, gaining a feature in the Turkish edition of Popular Science.


Batuhan wins:

  • E3D Scaffold soluble support filament
  • One special E3D Engineering filament
  • Colorfabb’s awesome Glowfill glow in the dark filament
  • DragonOff trophy!
Well done, Batuhan!
NB *don't try flame-throwing at home* ;)

Third prize

Marius Breuer Dragon Slayer - DragonOff 2015

Marius Breuer/DragonOff Mounted Aria head - Well and truly Slayed

A nice piece of design and a great quality print, Marius has mounted Aria's head on a custom board including all the sponsor logos and our DragonOff tagline. Marius used conductive paint to plate Aria's head which is a neat technique that everyone can try at home. In addition, as Rich pointed out, as he decapitated her,  he did indeed slay the dragon :-)


Marius wins:

  • ColorFabb's Special 'Bronzefill' (bronze..third prize..geddit?)
  • E3D Scaffold soluble support filament
  • DragonOff trophy!

Keep slaying 'em, Marius!

Fourth prize

The DragonOff Soup Dragon - Aria large scale

Soup/'A Great Big Aria' (we like to call it the Soup Dragon)

Soup's Delta printing Aria

Soup's Delta Printer in action

This is a really lovely print and shows off a beautiful, well calibrated delta. We'd like to know where this super-sized Aria has ended up! Certainly not tucked in a cupboard...

Soup (possibly not his real name:-P) wins:

  • ColorFabb's Special 'Woodfill' composite filament
  • E3D Scaffold soluble support filament
  • DragonOff trophy!

Great dragon, born on a great printer. Well slain, Soup.


Honourable Mentions

We had so many great prints to choose from, and we couldn't leave DragonOff without mentioning a few more that we've been really impressed with:

John Link's mood-lit Dragon

John Link/Mood photographs

John took some very pretty "mood" photographs. A particular favourite is the lilac lit Aria. So often a picture of a decent print is let down by poor presentation. Why can't 3D prints be shot in an expressive way like this more often? Good job John!

Gyrobot's Aria re-shaped with heat - E3D DragonOff 2015

Gyrobot/Crystal Aria

There were a couple of entries that used heat to deform the Aria model, but we think this one is the best, and Gyrobot even made up a little story to go along with it.

DragonOff DizingOf - Home Electroplating for 3D Printing

Dizingof/DragonOff Electroplating

Dzingof posted a great range of dragons used and the variety of metals used to plate these prints was amazing. This home electroplating method has very interesting results. One to watch.

A big thank you to ColorFabb for donating some fantastic filament, to Richard Horne for the fantastic support and 3D modeller/judge Louise Driggers, without whom we would be lacking so many dragons in our lives.

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks again to everyone who entered #DragonOff this year! You really did slay it.

Slaying the #DragonOff: 2015 Winners

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