A match made in heaven: E3D and Ultimaker in one super upgrade kit

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Since we launched v6 back in 2014, people have been adapting it to their Ultimakers. Quite a few people have created their own version of the modification, but we thought it was about time we released a comprehensive kit with full documentation, firmware, and usage guidance. We wanted to make it easier for enthusiastic Ultimaker 2 owners to expand their machine’s capabilities and upgrade the extrusion system of their Ultimaker 2 to the proven E3D extrusion ecosystem of nozzles and parts.



Why Upgrade?


The Ultimaker is a great machine. The motion system is incredible and it is very well integrated with Cura. However, the design of the hotend does not allow you to reach the temperatures required for more advanced engineering plastics like polycarbonate, PC-ABS, high performance nylons and the like. The extruder design of the UM2 can also struggle with more demanding materials that require more grip and torque than the basic direct drive and knurled gear design can handle, particularly high viscosity-filled materials.


With our range of nozzles in many materials and sizes you can do things like print carbon fibre-filled materials through hardened steel nozzles without having to worry about wear. You can even experiment with the ludicrous resolution of our new 0.15mm nozzles - a pretty nice match with the ultimaker motion system.


This upgrade is a combination of our already established v6.1 HotEnd and our praised Titan extruder. These two systems were designed to work together, to bring you the advantages of an all metal hotend capable of reaching temperatures up to and beyond 300°C, with the pushing power and extrusion resolution of a geared extruder (without compromising on speed, precision and modularity).



Who should upgrade?


We feel it’s important to state openly and clearly that this upgrade kit requires you to modify your machine by replacing one of the core system elements.


We’ve made great efforts to document the mechanical aspect of this clearly and simply in our wiki, alongside a fantastic video guide that’s been created by Tom Sanladerer. We’re providing pre-compiled firmware and source-code to take the uncertainty out of updating the firmware of your machine. The adjusted slicing settings are also clearly laid out to help you take advantage of your new extrusion systems characteristics and performance.


This kit is targeted at those who are comfortable with modifying their machine’s hardware and firmware. We’ve done our utmost to make this as straightforward as possible with extensive documentation.


The upgrade gives demanding Ultimaker users in fields like engineering and research the opportunity to print at higher temperatures, with more varied nozzle sizes and materials.


What’s in the box?


The kit contains all the required parts for upgrading your Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 2 Extended or Ultimaker 2+ Extended.




Kit contents:

  • Titan extruder and a high resolution 400 steps/rev motor
  • Assembled and hot-tightened v6 Bowden hotend complete with silicone sock
  • Hotend carriage
  • Part cooling fan ducts
  • Pre-assembled and labelled wiring loom
  • Bowden tube
  • Bowden tool


We’ve also included a range of useful extras, which include:

  • Nozzle fun pack (6 brass nozzles, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.5, 0.6 and 0.8)
  • SpoolWorks Edge sample filament
  • Haribo and E3D Upgrade vinyl transfer (of course!)


The firmware update is clearly explained in our wiki, where you can also find our recommended slicer settings. The step by step guide provided there, along with Tom’s video, should make this whole process very simple, and hopefully, very rewarding.

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