v6 HotEnd Full Kit - Assembled

v6 HotEnd Full Kit - Assembled
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The wait is over! Your favourite hotEnd, the E3Dv6, is now available fully assembled.   Choose from 12/24v, Bowden/Direct drive and 1.75/3mm options.

Worried that the most crucial part of your printer, the hotEnd, will suffer if you put it together yourself? Avoid following the V6 hotEnd assembly guidelines and let us do it for you.

This V6 hotEnd is 'ready to go': the heater cartridge & thermistor carefully put together, inserted and tested, & the block has been pre-heat-tightened for you (with the V6 0.4mm brass nozzle), to E3D quality standards.

You get everything you'd usually expect - our market leading V6 all metal heatsink, heatbreak, heater block, heater cartridge, thermistor & E3D brass nozzle. 


Go forth and print more!

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