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October 9th 2015



#DragonOff Can You Slay it?


A chance to show off 3D printing skills and win cool stuff? AND a trophy? Yes please!


Judged by Louise Driggers, aka Loubie, with wingman Richard Horne, #DragonOff is an opportunity to compare various 3D printers, materials and capabilities, while challenging each other and (hopefully!) learning a few things in the process. With the ever-increasing variety of materials on the market, we’ll be really interested to see what comes up as the competition develops.


A box crammed full of 3D printing goodies from E3D is up for grabs, including their new soluble support material ‘Scaffold’. As if that wasn’t enough, the legendary Loubie3D is sculpting away to create a unique DragonOff shield for the overall winner. Entries will be also be featured in RichRap’s blog.


Bonus points will go to ‘Small, ‘Special’ and ‘Surprising’ versions of Aria - a support-free and impressively detailed design which lends itself well to highlighting various aspects of print quality. Given the time of year we expect a few spooky mash-ups of Aria, along with some impressive printing. Dual extrusion/multi-material prints? Flying Arias? Go on. We dare you.

To enter, simply tweet your best prints of Aria and tag them with #DragonOff. The competition runs for the month of October and you can enter as many dragons as you wish.


Now, get slaying!



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