3D printer filament spoolWorks™ Edge & Scaffold by E3D

spoolWorks 3D Printing Filaments

Great water soluble Scaffold and Edge 3d filaments by E3D-Online prints great!

Josef Prusa, Prusa Research


spoolWorks Edge 3D filament


  • High impact-strength filament
  • Tough, durable 3D prints
  • Strong layer adhesion
  • Great bridging and overhangs
  • Beautiful glossy colour

Absolutely stunning results… This was my first encounter with Edge and I will certainly be switching over to it for the majority of my work in future.

Michael Goom, Aug 2016

Edge is a unique filament for 3D printing, developed in-house at E3D as part of our spoolWorks range. It combines the toughness and resilience of ABS with PLA’s ease of use to bring you superior processing properties that make printing stuff a dream.

Edge brings you the strong, solid colour you can expect with our entire spoolWorks range but with unmatched vibrancy and pigmentation. A naturally glossy, shiny material, Edge shows detail extremely well.

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spoolWorks Edge 3D filament


  • Water-soluble support filament
  • Break away or dissolve from prints
  • Total design freedom
  • Perfect compatibility with spoolWorks Edge

yes, it really does work. very well.

Richard Horne, RichRap3D.

Scaffold offers total design freedom, helping you to create complex geometries and complete functioning mechanisms in a single print (with no worries about overhangs!). Part of E3D’s spoolWorks range, Scaffold works best with our Edge and PLA filaments.

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spoolWorks PLA 3D filament


  • Biodegradable Polylactic Acid
  • Low ooze & low warp
  • Big, bold beautiful colours
  • Matte/Satin finish
  • spoolWorks high quality

One of the nicest PLA filaments we've ever used at E3D & we're pleased to include it in our range of high quality 3D filaments. Available in 1.75mm and 3mm on 750g spools and 12 vibrant colours.

spoolWorks PLA filament is low ooze, low warp and can run at high printing speeds, lower layer heights, and achieves sharper printed corners. A popular 3d filament for home printers, hobbyists, and schools.

spoolWorks PLA 3D filament


  • Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Very good bridging
  • Print robust everyday objects
  • Great balance of properties
  • Designed for home and professional 3D printing

spoolWorks ABS 3d Filament is a thermoplastic suited for objects that need to withstand rough usage, hot environments and that may be dropped or have to be impact resistant. It can be used for parts that are subject to mechanical stress and interlocking parts making it a preferred plastic for engineers, and professional applications.