NEMA17 47N-cm - High Torque Axes Stepper Motor
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A powerful motor that can be used on your printer axes (with an upgraded stepper driver) or as an extruder motor.

These stepper motors are high torque NEMA17 Stepper Motors for use on your printer axes and require an upgraded stepper driver. This 48mm long motor is very commonly used on the axes of many printers. This can be used without issue as an extruder motor for maximum torque, but if you want a lighter motor for your extruder you might want to look at our lighter weight extruder stepper motor.

Manufacturer Wantai
Model No. 42BYGHW811
Holding Torque 47 N-cm
Shaft 5mm
Rated Voltage 3.1v
Stepping Angle 1.8°
Rated Current 2.5A
Lead Length 30cm


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