1. Appearances can be deceiving.

    Appearances can be deceiving.
    There’s been some consternation about the appearance of NozzleX orifice holes and tips. We’ve had a very good look into this and have to conclude that what is being seen here is an optical artefact, that presents itself due to the shiny and dark appearance of NozzleX coatings. Lots of users have been posting images of nozzles where their...
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  2. Open Source, Design Patents, and E3D

    Open Source, Design Patents, and E3D
    Recently we’ve been taking another look at how we license our products here at E3D. There’ve been a few questions about licensing and what it means to be open-source as a hardware manufacturer, so we wanted to state our position clearly and openly for the benefit of all involved. The current process: E3D currently registers designs for most of its...
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  3. A Long-Awaited BigBox Update

    A Long-Awaited BigBox Update
    We've received countless emails over the past few months regarding BigBox, and while we are sorry for the delay in response, we were reluctant to make any announcements before everything was completely certain. This blog post is a big one, going into the good, bad, and unexpected challenges of the BigBox project. However in short: Commercially producing a machine was...
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  4. Scaffold: A Soluble Support for Total Geometric Freedom

    Scaffold: A Soluble Support for Total Geometric Freedom
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VWd0IN7s9Q&w=854&h=480 We all know about the age-old overhang problem: The inability to print features that overhang beyond a certain angle.  Same-material breakaway supports are far from a perfect solution - even with some really great algorithms out there you’re still never going to be able to extract support out of an awkward internal cavity, or deep screw hole...
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  5. Is carbon killing your nozzle?

    TL;DR: Yes, carbon filled filaments will cause rapid and significant damage to standard nozzles. Don’t fear however! We’ve developed a new, incredibly wear-resistant nozzle that basically eliminates wear, and they’re available in a range of popular sizes for both E3D-v6 and Volcano nozzles. Get them here. If you’re interested in the gory technical details and want to see some...
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  6. Introducing the legendary Cyclops and Chimera

    Introducing the legendary Cyclops and Chimera
    [embed]https://youtu.be/y4bo7crrEbY[/embed] For a long time we’ve wanted to do something that takes care of dual extrusion in a neat and simple package. So we started out with some design objectives: Simple and easy to use, mount, and maintain Modular, upgradable, and compatible with the v6 ecosystem Lightweight and compact More cost effective than mounting two E3D-v6 HotEnds side...
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  7. The E3D v6 HotEnd Design and Details

    The E3D v6 HotEnd Design and Details
    It's been a long road to v6; we've gone back to the drawing board and taken a good hard look at every tiny detail in the system. We've had to push back release a few times to ensure that things were absolutely correct in manufacture and design, but we're finally ready to release the full details of our new HotEnd. ...
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