1. E3D Tool-Changer and Motion System: Beta 30 incoming!

    E3D Tool-Changer and Motion System: Beta 30 incoming!
    Back in March we announced that we’ve been developing what might just be the coolest thing to hit 3D printing in a very long time, our tool-changing motion system! We opened up the opportunity for you to reserve a place in the queue and have been overwhelmed by the many hundreds of you that have expressed your interest in a project...
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  2. Water is Cool.

    Water is Cool.
    NB: We use the term ‘water’ interchangeably with ‘coolant’ throughout this blog post and, indeed, the product description. ‘Well which is it!?’ we hear you cry. Well it’s both, in that we recommend using a water-based coolant with Titan Aqua and the E3D water-cooling kit. You could use plain water and it would work, but it would also go mouldy...
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  3. Open Source, Design Patents, and E3D

    Open Source, Design Patents, and E3D
    Recently we’ve been taking another look at how we license our products here at E3D. There’ve been a few questions about licensing and what it means to be open-source as a hardware manufacturer, so we wanted to state our position clearly and openly for the benefit of all involved. The current process: E3D currently registers designs for most of its...
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  4. A Long-Awaited BigBox Update

    A Long-Awaited BigBox Update
    We've received countless emails over the past few months regarding BigBox, and while we are sorry for the delay in response, we were reluctant to make any announcements before everything was completely certain. This blog post is a big one, going into the good, bad, and unexpected challenges of the BigBox project. However in short: Commercially producing a machine was...
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