1. Experiencing Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) for the first time.

    Experiencing Midwest RepRap Festival (MRRF) for the first time.
    TL;DR MRRF was fantastic, the community came out in full force and we met lots of interesting and cool individuals. Merchandise ended up being an overwhelming success and we sold everything, aside from a few 3.00mm nozzles. Due to how busy this MRRF was, we had to delay the results of ToolChanger Competition until sometime next week. Special thanks to...
  2. ToolChanger stl Design Competition

    ToolChanger stl Design Competition
    Just about anyone and everyone has heard of E3D’s new ToolChanger.  Although still in its Beta phase, it’s looking to take the 3D printing world by storm by offering a new solution for people wanting to print with multiple materials in the same print. Despite only being available to our Beta testers at the moment, we've been overwhelmed by the...
  3. Slaying the Dragon-Off: 2015 Winners

    Slaying the Dragon-Off: 2015 Winners
    During October, we were delighted to watch the very first #DragonOff contest develop into something really exciting. The friendly competition was really formed out of a curiosity to see what's going on in the wider 3D printing community. And a real success it's been, thanks to the great support we've received, with dozens of entries showing an enormous variety of...

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