1. ToolChanger stl Design Competition

    ToolChanger stl Design Competition
    Just about anyone and everyone has heard of E3D’s new ToolChanger.  Although still in its Beta phase, it’s looking to take the 3D printing world by storm by offering a new solution for people wanting to print with multiple materials in the same print. Despite only being available to our Beta testers at the moment, we've been overwhelmed by the...
  2. The E3D v6 HotEnd Design and Details

    The E3D v6 HotEnd Design and Details
    It's been a long road to v6; we've gone back to the drawing board and taken a good hard look at every tiny detail in the system. We've had to push back release a few times to ensure that things were absolutely correct in manufacture and design, but we're finally ready to release the full details of our new HotEnd...

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