1. Taking Cyclops and Chimera to the Next Level

    Taking Cyclops and Chimera to the Next Level
    We're proud to announce new and improved dual extrusion from E3D. Chimera+ and Cyclops+ are swappable HotEnds designed specifically for both air- and water-cooled dual extrusion.   Cyclops+ is a two-filament, one-nozzle HotEnd specifically designed to switch between two colours. There’s never an idle nozzle oozing while the other is printing (so there's no need for an ooze shield), and...
  2. Battling Bowden Tube Physics

    Battling Bowden Tube Physics
    Those of you who've seen our new Gold V6 will have seen the swanky new Capricorn PTFE tubing and collet clips that it comes with. This blog post goes into more detail on the need for these upgrades, and how they work. TL;DR: We have a new high-performance bowden tube, and ways of making our tube couplings grip the tube...
  3. Are Abrasives Killing Your Nozzle?

    Are Abrasives Killing Your Nozzle?
    TL;DR: Yes, carbon filled (and other abrasive) filaments will cause rapid and significant damage to standard nozzles. Don’t fear however! We’ve developed a new, incredibly wear-resistant nozzle that basically eliminates wear, and they’re available in a range of popular sizes for both E3D-v6 and Volcano nozzles. Get them here. If you’re interested in the gory technical details and want to see...
  4. Introducing the legendary Cyclops and Chimera

    Introducing the legendary Cyclops and Chimera
    https://youtu.be/y4bo7crrEbY For a long time we’ve wanted to do something that takes care of dual extrusion in a neat and simple package. So we started out with some design objectives: Simple and easy to use, mount, and maintain Modular, upgradable, and compatible with the v6 ecosystem Lightweight and compact More cost effective than mounting two E3D-v6 HotEnds side by sides...

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