1. Battling Bowden Tube Physics

    Battling Bowden Tube Physics
    Those of you who've seen our new Gold V6 will have seen the swanky new Capricorn PTFE tubing and collet clips that it comes with. This blog post goes into more detail on the need for these upgrades, and how they work. TL;DR: We have a new high-performance bowden tube, and ways of making our tube couplings grip the tube...
  2. Snap to it! With MatX and Scaffold Snap

    Snap to it! With MatX and Scaffold Snap
    Following the success of spoolWorks Scaffold and Edge, we're proud to bring you our newest optimised filament pairing: MatX and Scaffold Snap MatX is a drop-in-replacement for ABS applications that provides generally improved properties across the board, with increased layer adhesion and a much improved surface finish. Where ABS prints to a dull gloss, MatX has a lovely shiny satin...
  3. Scaffold: A Soluble Support for Total Geometric Freedom

    Scaffold: A Soluble Support for Total Geometric Freedom
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VWd0IN7s9Q&w=854&h=480 We all know about the age-old overhang problem: The inability to print features that overhang beyond a certain angle.  Same-material breakaway supports are far from a perfect solution - even with some really great algorithms out there you’re still never going to be able to extract support out of an awkward internal cavity, or deep screw hole. Fragile models...
  4. Edge: The filament we always wanted

    Edge: The filament we always wanted
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWQK0-wbCzw&w=560&h=315 Edge: The filament we always wanted. SpoolWorks Edge is a new material we’ve been working on and optimising for some time now. In summary, it combines the toughness and resilience of ABS, with ease of use that comes close to PLA, and adds a whole bunch of really superior processing properties that make printing the stuff a real dream...
  5. Are Abrasives Killing Your Nozzle?

    Are Abrasives Killing Your Nozzle?
    TL;DR: Yes, carbon filled (and other abrasive) filaments will cause rapid and significant damage to standard nozzles. Don’t fear however! We’ve developed a new, incredibly wear-resistant nozzle that basically eliminates wear, and they’re available in a range of popular sizes for both E3D-v6 and Volcano nozzles. Get them here. If you’re interested in the gory technical details and want to see...

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