1. My month as a special guest at E3D

    My month as a special guest at E3D
    It was January, I was home in snowy Sweden, everything as normal. A few of us were killing time, talking how to print big Benchys on Twitter, when E3D Online suddenly posted an image of some nozzles from their soon to launch Super-volcano HotEnd. Which promised to have 2-3x the flow of a standard Volcano, or up to 9x higher...
  2. TCT 2017 - Behind the Scenes with E3D

    TCT 2017 - Behind the Scenes with E3D
    It’s mid October 2017 and here at E3D we can’t quite believe how fast the year’s flying by. With the launch of Titan Aero nearly 6 months ago, along with supplying our HotEnds to many open source 3D printer manufacturers (Lulzbot, Prusa, Dagoma to name a few), we’re delighted that the E3D ecosystem has become synonymous with reliable, high performance...
  3. A Long-Awaited BigBox Update

    A Long-Awaited BigBox Update
    We've received countless emails over the past few months regarding BigBox, and while we are sorry for the delay in response, we were reluctant to make any announcements before everything was completely certain. This blog post is a big one, going into the good, bad, and unexpected challenges of the BigBox project. However in short: Commercially producing a machine was...

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