Nozzle Packs

Print all the Sizes

Can't decide which size nozzle to buy? Why not try them all? Our Nozzle Fun Pack gives you a wide aray of nozzles to experiment with, so you can flexibly print large or small. Want more flexibility? Try the Nozzle Pro Pack for even more options.


Printer Upgrades

A Full Package

For those who want to upgrade their printers with a minimum of fuss, we've got full upgrade kits. They come with everything you need to replace your old HotEnd and extrusion system. Each kit has a corresponding guide to help you install your new E3D HotEnd as easily as possible.


Filament Bundles

Print all the Things

Need some filament? Whether you want a bunch of colors or some specialty filament, our filament packs will keep you stocked.

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