ColorFabb PLA/PHA - Blueish White - 1.75mm - 750g
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ColorFabb PLA/PHA is tougher than standard PLA, highly reliable and consistent.

The brightest white...

ColorFabb filament is second to none in both it's quality and beauty. When you see its rich smooth glossy sheen, gloriously consistent diameter, and deep rich colours you'll understand. Furthermore ColorFabb PLA/PHA has significant mechanical toughness improvements over plain PLA, instead of cracking and breaking when strained PLA/PHA flexes gracefully.

Suitable for almost all printers out there, if you need to create parts of a very high quality, in colours that always stay exactly the same from spool to spool this is the filament you want. 

Diameter 1.75mm ± 0.05
Minimum Weight 750g
Processing Temp. 195–220ºC
Bed Temp. 60ºC
Elongation at Break 10%
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This PLA filament is easy to print and suitable for a wide range of printers and applications.

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