150mm Digital Calipers
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Digital calipers for precision measurement, supplied with a durable ABS storage case.

When your measurements need to go from 'approximate' to 'professional', it's time to upgrade to a set of digital calipers. Rulers are fine for many home applications (especially our stainless steel rulers!), but there is no replacing digital calipers for precision and resolution.

150mm Digital Calipers.

  • Measures in either millimetres or inches, which can be selected at the touch of a button
  • Zero button resets the reading to zero at any desired datum, allowing the Caliper to be set using a standard and then compared with a product batch
  • Powered by a single SR44 cell (supplied), replacement order code 18-1403
  • Measuring capacity 0 to 150mm (0 to 6in.)
  • Resolution 0.01mm (0.001in.)
  • Weight 150g
  • Supplied with rugged ABS storage case
  • Batteries and instructions included

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