Duet2 Wiring Kit
£100.00 £120.00
698 available immediately + 62 available after a short delay

This wiring kit provides a nicely managed, plug and play solution for running the Motion System, ToolChanger Coupler and up to 4 HotEnd Tools. Whilst designed with Duet 2 in mind, it should be generally applicable to any microcontroller capable of running 4 tools. 

This kit includes:

  • All connectors prefitted
  • All wires included
  • All wires made to the correct length
  • Produced by Duet for E3D
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 What's in the box:

  • Full wiring for 4 x V6 Bowden Tools
  • Full wiring for 4 x Titans Extruders
  • Full Wiring for the Duet2 & Duex5
  • 1 x IEC Socket, Switch & Fuse
  • Full Wiring for the AC Input
  • Full Wiring for the DC Power
  • Full Wiring for an SSR
  • Full Wiring for the ToolChanger ToolHead
  • Bag of 100 Cable Ties
  • 5 x Steel Strips

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