E3D Premium - ABS MG94 - Grey - 2.85mm - 1kg
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Premium grade ABS for 3D printers, manufactured from Sabic MG94 high flow ABS resin.

This is a super-premium grade of ABS for 3D printers, manufactured from Sabic MG94 high flow ABS resin. For incredibly accurate prints, with fantastic layer bonding. Extruded to fantastic tolerances and vacuum packaged in foil bags. We think this is the best ABS money can buy.

MG94 is widely recognised as one of the best, if not the best ABS resin for 3D printers, and is widely used in professional machines. MG94 forms exceptional layer bonding and is very easy to print. Low ooze, excellent flow, and incredibly accurate to print. Despite the low price this filament is absolutely premium grade and has been extruded to exceptional tolerances, and then packaged in a protective vacuum atmosphere with dessicant in a sealed foil bag. Available in a range of the most popular colours, this is a real workhorse filament and ideal for production environments where consistent high quality is paramount.

MG94 ABS is just as easy to print as any other ABS filament, if not easier. Prints beautifully onto a UHU-Stic coated heated bed at 120C, with the hotend at 240C.

Manufactured inside the EU at a facility with which we work closely. Guaranteed to be ±0.05mm in tolerance, but is usually ±0.02mm or better.

Property Value
Diameter 2.85mm ± 0.05
Minimum Weight 1kg
Processing Temp. 235- 250ºC
Bed Temp 120ºC+
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Prints beautifully onto a UHU-Stic coated heated bed at 120C, with the Hot End at 240C.

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