Power, Performance, Push

The Titan is E3D's premier extruder, and perfectly complements our full range of HotEnds to give you a flawless printing experience. With a 3-1 gearing ratio Titan can provide both the precision for detailed prints as well as the power for faster and larger printing. On top of that Titan can handle any filament, from flexible TPUs, to abrasive carbon fibers—and of course your everyday PLA and ABS.


Titan Aero

All-in-one Printing

For those who want an all-in-one package, the Titan Aero is the perfect combination of HotEnd and extruder. More compact that a Titan with a V6, the Aero provides light and agile direct drive printing, perfect for flexible materials. The traditional Titan is also fully compatible with the Aero, so you can upgrade to an Aero at any time.



Wickedly Strong

Our Hobb-Goblin line of hobbed bolts and gears are perfect for implementation into your existing extruder, should you not wish to upgrade to the newer Titan. They're designed to automatically shed debris from your filament, and are precisely machined to provide maximum grip while printing. They'll give you peak performance with your existing printer setup.

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