Upgrade to ASA

MatX is the logical successor to ABS. With less warping, higher flow rates, and better chemical resistances, MatX is the perfect upgrade to make usable printed parts. MatX is also stiffer and glossier than ABS, making it perfect for showing off your functional 3D prints


Spoolworks Edge

Easy Printing, Powerful Properties

Spoolworks Edge is for your top-priority projects. Stronger than ABS and PLA, Edge is designed for real-world use and functional prototyping. Take your creation to the next level with Edge.



Firm yet Bouncy

FlexD is our very own flexible material. Easier to print with than previous flexibles, FlexD retains the tough and chemical resistant properties of other TPU filaments.


Spoolworks PLA

Everyday Printing Perfected

Spoolworks PLA is specifically designed to be our easiest to use material. With a low melting temperature and extremely low warping, PLA can be printed on any 3D printer since it doesn't need a heated bed. Perfect for everyday use!



Print the Impossible

Support materials have never been so easy to use. Scaffold is for dedicated support structures, and either peels away easily (in the case of Scaffold Snap) or dissolves away in water. For use in dual extrusion systems.


Spoolworks ABS

Prototype your heart out

Spoolworks ABS is proven to be the best around. With an excellent price to performance ratio, ABS is perfect for everyday 3D printing and prototyping without breaking the bank.

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