Geared Stepper Motor
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This motor uses a planetary gearbox with a 5.18:1 reduction. This gives you up to 196Ncm of torque without the need for high current stepper drivers, however you will not be able to run this motor as fast as a non-geared one. The main application of this motor is in direct extruders. Supplied with motor cable.

  • NEMA 17.
  • 1.8° Step Angle.
  • 200 Steps Per Revolution.
  • 3.6V Rated Voltage.
  • 1.2A Phase.
  • 4.4kg/cm (61oz/in) Holding Torque.
  • 40mm Body.
  • 5.18.1 Reduction Gearbox.
  • 8mm Output Shaft.

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