Four Inputs, Four Outputs

Four times the printing power.


Modular Ecosystem

Fully compatible with E3D's range of blocks and nozzles to suit your every need.


E3D support is here to help

Having trouble setting up this beast? Our wiki, forum, email, and phoneline can guide you through the process.


Temperature Control

Water cooling is the next step in 3D printing, helping to keep HotEnds hot and heat sinks cool (just as they should be).

Bring out the Beast

Four complete HotEnds in one. Each nozzle is individually temperature controllable, and individually bowden fed. Kraken remains a compact and lightweight package despite its capabilities by using hyper-efficient water cooling, and innovative integrated bowden couplers that are contained within the body of the Kraken. Kraken has the ability to individually adjust the height of each nozzle and can, in fact, almost level itself using the bed as a reference.

01. Possibilities

Kraken pushes the boundaries of 3D printing by allowing you to use 4 distinct colours in a single print, 4 separate engineering plastics in a single part, or explore complex geometry by using soluble or breakaway support materials.

02. Requirements and Expectations

Although Kraken is now a mature and well tested hardware product with hundreds in the wild and a great deal of excellent community feedback it is worth keeping in mind that the Kraken requires a certain level of work and learning to get running. A working knowledge of firmware configuration, slicer settings and electronics is essential.

Kraken requires an electronics setup that is capable of driving 4 distinct extruders, so far we have had great results and feedback with both the Azteeg X3 Pro and the RepRapPro Duet with DueX4 expansion.

Read more about multi-material extrusion with the Kraken on our blog!

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