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    Nozzle Fun Pack
    A fun selection of E3D-v6 Ecosystem Brass nozzles, set in ...
    £25.00 £30.00
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    Nozzle Pro Pack
    A set of specialist E3D nozzles for V6 and V6-style HotEnd...
    £58.50 £70.20
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    Nozzle X - V6
    The Nozzle X is our NEW ‘One to rule them all’ nozzle,...

    Starting at £22.50 £27.00

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    Brass Nozzles - V6
    The widest selection of high-performance brass nozzles on ...

    Starting at £4.50 £5.40

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    Hardened Steel Nozzles - V6
    Hardened abrasion-resistant nozzles developed to last a li...

    Starting at £15.00 £18.00

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    Stainless Steel Nozzles - V6
    Medical grade and food safe stainless steel nozzles. Print...

    Starting at £15.00 £18.00

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    Plated Copper Nozzles - V6
    Durable, non-stick, high temperature performance nozzles. ...

    Starting at £9.80 £11.76

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    Experimental Nozzles
    From high-resolution 0.15mm diameters to undrilled nozzles...

    Starting at £5.00 £6.00

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