E3D Experimental - PEEK - 1.75mm - Natural - 0.25kg
£160.00 £192.00
High-performance experimental engineering plastic.

When it comes to high performance engineering plastics, it doesn't get much better than PEEK.

A specially selected grade of PEEK has been used with high flow rate and a low shrink-rate which should help combat warp. This filament has been beautifully extruded into some of the best looking filament we've ever seen, with exceptional diameter consistency.

PEEK is used in the most demanding and extreme of all applications, often replacing metals. Prized for its exceptional mechanical performance, extreme temperature resistance, incredible chemical resistance and generally being an all round polymer-badass, PEEK is utilised in industries where performance is essential such as Aerospace, Medical, and Nuclear industries.

When we say this is experimental, we really mean it. You can't spell "experimental" without the word "mental", and truly you're probably mad if you think you're going to print this. No instructions or advice is going to be provided for this product, here there be dragons...

Good luck.


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