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RAMPS 1.4 - Arduino Mega Pololu Shield
£25.00 £30.00
A controller and interface for your printer.

The superb workhorse of a RepRap controller. Probaby the most well supported tried and tested electronics for RepRap type machines. A low priced option that is super modular and hackable and can be expanded with lots of extra features as required. Being so modular you can replace components if they fail and swap in newer higher rated componenets to suit your needs.This board is designed to provide the necessary electronics for a RepRap printer on one convenient Arduino shield.


  • Axes: 5
  • Thermistor Inputs: 3
  • Endstops: 6
  • Heaters: 2
  • Breakouts for LCDs

Jumpers are included

Motor drivers not included

Arduino Mega not included

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