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Suitable for use with all dual-extrusion systems.

Titan Aero Heatsink

Break Away Support

Brittle supports that break away with a tap!


Easy to Use

More forgiving than soluble support, with NO crosslinking!


Unique filament pairing.

Scaffold Snap pairs perfectly with MatX to achieve intricate geometries and horizontal overhangs.

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Scaffold Snap is a new, easy-to-use support material for desktop 3D printing, designed to work perfectly with MatX.

When printed alongside MatX, the two materials adhere together, with Snap firmly supporting MatX. The styrene molecules in Snap form a weak but effective bond with the acrylonitrile-styrene of MatX, meaning that they print cohesively.

Once the print is complete, Snap cools back to its clear, hard, brittle state and can be broken and peeled away from MatX. Snap breaks rather like weak glass, shattering into fine shards that can easily be removed from the print. The MatX-Snap interface bond breaks cleanly and easily.

Snap makes for a much quicker support material removal process than soluble or traditional supports. Once parts are cooled and off the printer the material can be shattered and peeled away in just a few minutes. None of the mess and waiting of soluble supports, and none of the laborious picking and cutting of conventional supports. Print, crush, peel - done.

Printing Tips

  • Bed Temperature: 100°C+
  • Print Temperature: 240°C
  • Works with: ABS, ASA, and spoolWorks Edge
  • Wear gloves and goggles during removal!

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