spoolWorks Scaffold Soluble Support Filament
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Water soluble and break away support material for 3D printing. Works perfectly with spoolWorks Edge filament.

Titan Aero Heatsink

Breakaway AND Soluble Support

Print any shape, inside and out, with support that dissolves in tap water!

Precision-machined hobb

Spools of Every Size

Big spools for big projects, and samples for testing.


Perfect Pairings

Scaffold is developed for ideal adhesion to spoolWorks Edge, PLA, and FleXD.


Print the Unprintable

Achieve incredible results and complex geometries with your desktop 3D printer.

Learn more about soluble support for 3D printing with our blog post!

Scaffold is a water-soluble and break-away support filament that actually works.

Scaffold offers total design freedom, helping you to create complex geometries and complete functioning mechanisms in a single print (with no worries about overhangs!). Part of E3D’s spoolWorks range, Scaffold works best with our Edge and PLA filaments.

For a complete overview of Scaffold and what makes it so special, please see our blog.


• Can be broken away or dissolved from prints in normal tap water
• PVA/PVOH-based but easy to print with low viscosity
• Exhaustively tested for exceptional quality
• Lower heat degradation and easily purged from nozzles
• Designed for perfect compatibility with spoolWorks Edge
• Shipped in a re-sealable bag with desiccant for exceptional dryness

Advised print settings

• BED TEMP: From 20°C to 55C ideally, but will cope with bed temperatures as high as 110°C
• PRINT SPEED: ~50mm/s

Cautionary notes and advice

• You will need to create specific slicer settings to make the best of Scaffold.
• Scaffold needs to be kept dry, use the supplied resealable bag, or even better use this specially designed in-bag spool holder.
• Scaffold will degrade if kept for extended periods in a hot nozzle. Do not allow Scaffold to rest in the nozzle at temperature or you risk clogging and damaging the nozzle.
• Please read the documentation in order to use Scaffold at it's full potential

Note: All 3D printers are unique so adjust settings to taste!

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