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Taulman T-Glase - Red - 1.75mm - 450g
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This PET type filament it is easy to print, translucent and very strong.

Taulman3D T-Glase PETT, 1.75mm filament for 3D Printers.

This new PET based filament is a very promising material from leading manufacturer Taulman3D. Being a PET type filament it is easy to print, extremely transparent and very strong. What sets T-Glase apart from other PET materials is that it has been modified to be much less brittle and as such makes for tougher prints that can flex. The coloured T-Glase materials are truly some of the most visually attractive filaments available, especially when printed with thin walls which make the most of the incredible transparency of T-Glase. Be sure to read the features on the Taulman3D site:

Diameter 1.75mm ± 0.05
Minimum Weight 450g
Processing Temp. 210–230ºC
Bed Temp 80ºC
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Prints comfortably on most desktop 3D printers but is very sticky! Requires a heated bed. Print Temp.235°C Bed Temp 110ºC

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