V6 HotEnd
V6 HotEnd


The Jack-of-all trades

Our flagship jack-of-all trades all-metal HotEnd. V6 is suitable for practically any printer, and has the widest array of upgrade options. For everyday printing or exotic circumstances, V6 will deliver the reliability and performance that are E3D's specialities

Lite6 HotEnd
Lite6 HotEnd


Everyday Printing

A cheaper and simpler PTFE-lined HotEnd. While not suitable for exotic materials requiring exceptionally high temperatures, the Lite6 is more than a match for typical PLA and ABS printing. It's perfect for everyday printing and can always be upgraded for more adventurous printing.

Titan Aero HotEnd
Titan Aero HotEnd

Titan Aero

All-in-one Printing

Look no further for a complete extrusion system that just works; the Titan Aero is the ultimate all-in-one package of HotEnd and Extruder. It's easy to mount and more compact than the traditional V6 + Titan pairing—perfect for flexible materials.

Volcano HotEnd
Volcano HotEnd


Big and fast

The Volcano is an upgrade that more than doubles your filament flow rate. It's specifically designed be compatible with our largest nozzles. A must for large format printers, the Volcano the best HotEnd for printing big and fast. It prints thicker, stronger layers without sacrificing the V6's reliability or ease of use.

Chimera HotEnd
Chimera HotEnd


Dual Extrusion for Everyone

Chimera is a compact dual HotEnd assembly, opening up the possibilities of printing with two colors or two different materials at different temperatures. In particular, Chimera lets you use a dedicated support material for complex prints. You'll have access to paired filaments such as Scaffold and Edge, or MatX and Scaffold Snap.

Cyclops HotEnd
Cyclops HotEnd


Advanced Multi-Color Printing

A more advanced dual extrusion HotEnd that pushes both filaments through a single nozzle. Though not suitable for printing with materials that have different melting points, Cyclops allows you to print without the tricky calibration and ooze control of a traditional dual HotEnd setup. The Cyclops slightly more advanced to use compared to a Chimera, and so requires a bit more experience for smooth printing.

Kraken HotEnd
Kraken HotEnd


The Beast

A beast suitable for the most advanced users, Kraken sports four separate HotEnds and liquid-cooling. It can print anything, in any color, with any range of materials. While not for the faint of heart, Kraken provides ultimate flexibility for the most complex prints.

Get to know your HotEnd!

01. Heatsink

Your Heatsink regulates the heat in your HotEnd, keeping your HotEnd clog-free. You’ll need a different heatsink depending on the diameter of your filament, and whether you want a bowden or direct drive setup for your 3D printer.

02. Fan

Your cooling fan blows air over your heatsink, carrying away heat that would otherwise cause filament to buckle or clog.

03. Heatbreak

It is essential for your HotEnd to melt filament only in the nozzle, and to rapidly dissipate heat elsewhere. This way, the rest of your filament can be pushed or pulled (to extrude, or retract) while solid, not molten. Your heat break creates and controls the transition zone from solid to molten filament.

04. Heater Block

Your heater block holds all the parts of your HotEnd in place and—as the name implies—transfers the heat from your heater cartridge to your nozzle and filament. Copper-plated heater blocks can be used for extreme temperatures, as well.

05. Nozzle

Your nozzle is the tip of your HotEnd, through which filament is actually pushed out onto your print. Your nozzle also flattens down the filament you extrude, leaving smooth, regular layers behind. Depending on the diameter of your nozzle, it will be able to extrude more filament faster, or less filament but be more precise. Our ecosystem has a huge variety of nozzles for all printing applications.

06. Heater Cartridge

Your heater cartridge produces the heat that melts your filament. Depending on the voltage of your 3D printer, you’ll need to select the appropriate heater cartridge.

07. Thermistor

All 3D printers have a temperature sensor of some kind to provide temperature feedback and control. For typical filaments a simple thermistor cartridge will more than suffice, but if you need to print hotter you can swap in a PT100 sensor.V1


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