Recap: E3D at 3D Meetup Sweden 2022

Recap: E3D at 3D Meetup Sweden 2022

We love community events – they’re always easy-going and it’s a great opportunity to catch up with old faces, chat about innovations in the 3D printing industry, and see a few wild and wacky ideas up close. Plus, we get to showcase upcoming products we think you’ll be excited about!

Last weekend we took a trip to 3D Meetup Sweden in Helsingborg, an event we were platinum sponsors of. Here’s our download of what we had on show, what we liked, updates on our Revo roadmap, and updates on the Sanjay Foundation.

3D Meetup Sweden exhibitors


What was on show at the E3D stand?

Our stand was adorned with a collection of Filament Frenzy’s super impressive 3D prints. These were printed with Revo Nozzles in MatterHackers Quantum Dual-Color PLA – which drew a lot of attention from onlookers!


Filament Frenzy 3D print


We were also selling Revo Micro and Revo Six Fully Loaded kits – which we sold most of on the first day! Attendees enjoyed a juicy 15% exhibition discount.

Besides this, we were selling our latest Revo merch, including a limited edition Kaoss T-shirt, Revo Micro T-shirt, and new Sanjay hoodies, with all profits going directly to the Sanjay Foundation.

E3D T-shirt and hoodie merchandise

These new merch items will be available on our website very soon!

Revo HotEnds display stand

Our funky rainbow HotEnd display


Our funky rainbow HotEnd display had the latest Revo cold sides on display, including:


Revo CR. This is a drop-in upgrade for some of the most popular Creality 3D printers available, including the Creality CR-10 and Ender 3 series. It sidesteps upgrade hassles such as 3D printing mounts, splicing wires, firmware hacking, and other annoyances because it's designed to have all the same mounting holes as these machines. Plus, it's compatible with our Revo ecosystem so you can change nozzles without tools or hot tightening! This is expected to go on sale May 2022.


E3D Revo CR for Creality


Revo Voron. The perfect upgrade for Voron 3D printers. This is a lightweight, rigid mounted cold side that's intended to work with the Voron StealthBurner. Of course, it works with other 3D printers too. We’re releasing this design under the GPLv3, and drawings and products are expected to go live late April 2022.


Revo Hemera XS. We saw people in the community swapping out the original Hemera motor for a smaller one, so we thought we’d make a Hemera with a smaller motor. This Hemera is 11mm shorter and 92g lighter! We’ll be shipping this from May, and we’ll be making XS motors available as spares, too.

3D printed dragons

Find more of Filament Frenzy's 3D prints on Instagram


What else?

Secret ultra-fine nozzle. Hidden among all the Revo Nozzles on display was a 0.15mm nozzle, with a pink tip sock. This produces even finer lines than the 0.25mm Revo Nozzle, for ridiculously detailed 3D prints. The 0.15mm Revo Nozzle is expected to go on sale later this year.

1.25mm Revo Nozzle


Revo Race. After the success of the Revo Race at Formnext 2021, we decided to run another one! Contestants were challenged to change a Revo Nozzle as quickly as possible. This time our winner did it in a super impressive 8 seconds!


@e3dofficial Thank you to everyone that took part in our Revo Race in Sweden! #InstaxChallenge #3DPrint #Sweden #Helsingborg #FYP #TikTokTrend ♬ Down Under (feat. Colin Hay) - Luude


Stuff we liked


5 axis 3D printing and conformal slicing by Freddie Hong. Most of the 3D printers we're involved with use 3 axes: X, Y, and Z. Freddie Hong has converted a Prusa MK3 into a 5 axis 3D printer, which introduces two more axes: V and U. Of course, besides hardware, it involves completely reimplementing a conventional slicing engine, too.

What are the advantages? 5 axis 3D printing can 3D print overhangs without supports, and parts with isotropic properties. Using non-planar Z layers also opens the possibility for 3D printed conductive traces. There are more advantages! Read all the details in Freddie’s writeup.


Optical measures of print quality by Duet3D. Tony at Duet3D showed us how to make disco lights for Duet-fitted 3D printers, plus other useful things using GCODE meta commands. He also had on display an optical method of measuring extrusion width and print quality. A series of in-depth blog posts are rolling out from Duet3D if you want the details.

3D printed line visual inspection duet

Optical measurement of printed lines. Credit: Duet3D


Caribou Research & Development. These tuned 3D printers use a Prusa reference design but have extra bells and whistles, like Duet mainboards for enhanced firmware features, and extended Z axes for taller 3D prints. Oh, and they can use Revo!

Caribou 3D printers


Stefania Dinea’s Halo Pavilion. Stefania of DineaDesign headed up a community print project where everyone created a 'Halo Pavilion' structure with 3D printing components. Find more details in her blog.




Meeting ProperPrinting. Popular YouTuber ProperPrinting was at the event, and he had his SLA printed extruder on show which we got to see up close.


An update on the Sanjay Foundation

As you probably know, our dear friend and E3D co-founder Sanjay Mortimer tragically passed away last year at the age of 32.

Sanjay’s reach was global, and news of his death sent shock waves around the 3D printing community. His legacy must live on, so we are launching a charitable foundation in his memory.

The Sanjay Foundation is intended as a resource for gifted potential engineers who may not be able to progress without funding or resources, and for those who mainstream education may not be working in some way.

Funds and 3D printing resources will be allocated to schools, makerspaces, and outreach programs first in the UK, and later worldwide.

For the time being, you can find out more about the Sanjay Foundation by following our dedicated Discord channel. We also invite you to join us for our first-ever fundraising event, which will be held in Watlington, Oxfordshire, UK in June 2022. Buy your tickets here!


Come and meet E3D at the next event!


A big thanks to Jonathan, Peter, Niklas, and Ron for organising this year’s 3D Meetup Sweden – we had a blast!

Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry, we plan to attend plenty more events this year. See what’s coming up by following the link below. Don’t forget to follow our socials and chat to us on Discord for up-to-the-minute updates.


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