Written by Will Hardy


E3D's Valentine's Day Competition 2023: Win a Revo HotEnd!

TL; DR: 3D print our model and share it with us for a chance to win a Revo HotEnd.

It’s been a full year since we released our first ever stress test, the 'Floating Heart'. That model started a trend of stress test competitions and now that we've come full circle, we're excited to be bringing you the next one in the series.

If you thought last years Heart model couldn't get any harder, think again. Our new 'Wobbly Heart' model has it's name for a reason! We believe this is comfortably our hardest stress test ever so good luck and read on for some tips on how to print it.


We will be selecting our winners as follows: (Note: feel free to enter multiple times, but we will only include 1 entry per person in the draw)

  • Our favourite entry: Fully Loaded Revo HotEnd. Your choice of Revo Micro, Six, Prusa, Voron or Creality
  • Randomly drawn from all successful entries: Single Nozzle Revo HotEnd. Your choice of Micro, Six, Prusa, Voron or Creality 
  • Randomly drawn from ALL entries: £20 store credit.


No supports, (obviously!) you can use whatever filament, layer height, and nozzle size you want, but bear in mind the model was designed for a 0.4 nozzle and 0.2 layer height.

📷 We've had plenty of our own failures trying to get this one to print!


You'll be needing a brim (probably some extra bed adhesion too). Strong part cooling is also a recipe for success. If your print temps are too low, your layer adhesion will suffer, too high and you'll end up with stringing. If things aren't going well, try increasing your z-hop. We've found that the toolhead colliding with the part is the biggest cause of print failures. We'd also recommend printing really slowly.

Keep an eye on this one while it prints so that you can quickly stop your printer when it inevitably fails!

Where can I find the model?

As usual, the model is only available on Printables. Download it here!

We also have a dedicated Discord show-off and support channel for the competition. You can use this to show off your attempts or ask us for pointers if you're struggling. Or just drop by and say hello!

How do I enter?

Send a photo or video of your print on Twitter,  Instagram,  Facebook, LinkedIn or our Discord. If you prefer, you can even submit it as a make on Printables. Remember to tag us and use #E3DHeartStrings. The competition will close at midnight (GMT) on February 14th, and we will announce the winners the following day!