Time to say goodbye to some E3D classics

Time to say goodbye to some E3D classics

Our dearest customers,

Firstly, let us say thank you for supporting us for almost a decade, yes it really has been that long! Over the years you would have seen many E3D products come to market, starting way back with V4 in 2012, a kaleidoscope journey of multi-extrusion with Chimera and Cyclops, market disruption with V6 and in more recent years we have delved into dual-drive extrusion and boundary pushing tool changing. Not forgetting spoolWorks and dipping our toes into watercooling along the way too. So where are we going with this? 

Over the years we have created an enormous portfolio of products (174 variants of nozzles, for starters) but feel like now is a great time to streamline our offering and focus on the products that you love. Plus, we might well be making room to throw an entirely new ecosystem into the mix later this year, after all it has been a while since we’ve shaken things up… 

Which products are we waving goodbye to? 


  • spoolWorks 
  • Cyclops 
  • Tools 
  • Stepper drivers
  • Standard hobb bores & shafts (Hemera & Titan are unaffected) 
  • Prusa upgrade kits 

Further product reductions: 


  • Reductions to Copper, Hardened Steel, Stainless Steel nozzles and 3mm in general 

Titan Aqua 

    • Customer support no longer provided (June 2021 onwards) 
    • Spares no longer sold 


      • Only 1.75mm XT-CF20 and cleaning filament will remain 


        • Only 1.75mm variants and brass nozzles will remain 


          • Range being reduced, standard variants will remain


            • Range being reduced, standard variants will remain

            What does this mean?

            We've discounted hundreds of products by 25% so it's time to have a browse and grab yourself a bargain. It's important to remember that we're not discontinuing all of the above product ranges entirely, in lots of cases we're just having a tidy up and reducing the number of variants that we sell of each product. As part of this #E3DLegacyProducts campaign, we'll be telling you the stories behind the products and giving you some fun facts about them.

            First Up: Titan

            Lets start with our beloved Titan collection which has recently celebrated its 5th birthday. The initial aim was to create an easy to use, lightweight extruder that could be easily mounted and compatible with as many printers as possible. Next logical step? Integrate it with the V6 HotEnd, or as we know and love it Titan AeroFinal splash? Watercooling! It’s important to note that we’re not discontinuing our Titan ranges entirely, we’re just having a tidy up and reducing the number of variants that we offer, namely those that come with brackets and motors. 

            Fun fact: It took a grand total of 2 weeks for a clone of Titan to be released…  Titan

            Without further ado, we welcome you to go and have a browse through our #E3DLegacyProducts sale and hopefully find that something tickles your fancy.

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