Revo™ Hemera XS: A powerful, lightweight dual-drive extrusion system from E3D

Revo™ Hemera XS: A powerful, lightweight dual-drive extrusion system from E3D


Meet Revo Hemera XS

Revo Hemera XS is 92g lighter than Classic Hemera, so your 3D printer’s motion system can move it around faster with less inertia, reducing artefacts like ghosting.

It’s also 11mm shorter than Classic Hemera, so it frees up some of your 3D printer’s build volume – great if you’re using a smaller machine with limited space.


Revo Hemera XS exists as an answer to the ‘Hemera pancake’ upgrades we saw in the wild, where the community would retrofit Classic Hemera with a smaller, less chonky motor. Plus, this one works with Revo Nozzles! We’ve named it ‘XS’ because of its extra small size and exceedingly good pushing force.

Revo Hemera XS (left), Classic Hemera (right)


All the force you need

Revo Hemera XS is compatible with all 1.75mm E3D nozzle ecosystems, including our Revo™ ecosystem, and our V6 ecosystem when you add a Hemera heatbreak (available separately on our webstore!)

While the motor is smaller than Classic Hemera, it still packs a punch. Our engineers have validated its force and speed performance to work with all our products, including 1.4mm SuperVolcano nozzles - our highest volumetric flow HotEnd.

Hemera SuperVolcano

A SuperVolcano HotEnd can extrude PLA at 92mm³/s with a 1.4mm nozzle at 220℃


In the event of a jam, Classic Hemera would strip filament, so you’d have to intervene, unload filament, snip off the stripped bits, and reload before you could get 3D printing again. Revo Hemera XS will only stall in the event of a jam, so you can recover and get 3D printing again with less messing about.


Material flexibility

Revo Hemera XS can reliably extrude the whole range of 1.75mm 3D printing materials, and thanks to a short filament path for enhanced extrusion control, it excels with flexible filaments. We’ve managed to successfully 3D print soft flexibles with a shore A hardness as low as 75. With a Bowden setup, this would be much more challenging: this type of filament is far too floppy to push through a tube, leading to poor extrusion consistency and 3D prints that look kind of sad.


Dual-drive gears drive filament from both sides. Revo Hemera XS works with both the V6 and Revo ecosystem from E3D


All-metal construction without any PTFE liners means you can enjoy many years of performance from your Revo Hemera XS. Just like its predecessor, it features hardened steel hobb teeth that are resistant to wear, making it an ideal extrusion system for industrial-grade materials like carbon-fibre filled Nylon, or other abrasives – just use it in combination with a wear resistant nozzle.

With Revo compatibility out-of-the-box, this extrusion system will work with all available Revo Nozzles, plus our upcoming Revo ObXidian (expected 2022 – and if you can’t wait for that, you can already set it up with Nozzle X, a heaterblock, and a Hemera heatbreak, which are available for purchase right now).


Duet3D toolboard

We’ve worked with Duet3D to adapt their toolboard for Hemera XS, and this will become available shortly from Duet3D's official resellers.

The toolboard is an optional upgrade for those with Duet electronics, and it aims to massively reduce your 3D printer’s wiring. Connect it to a Duet mainboard using the CAN-FD interface, so you don't have to wire everything back individually. Wire in the stepper motor, heater, temperature sensor, fans, and optional Z probe and filament monitor directly at the print head.

Version 1.3 of the Duet toolboard has matching mounting holes for the shorter Hemera XS motor. A built-in accelerometer allows the firmware to counteract vibration from the print head to further reduce print artefacts, giving your 3D prints even crisper details and even smoother surfaces.


Revo Hemera XS FAQs


Will Revo Hemera XS work with my Creality/Prusa/ANet/Generic Chinese 3D printer?

Yes! Revo Hemera XS is designed to work with a wide range of consumer-level 3D printers. We’re selling them with 12V and 24V heaters, so just pick the one that corresponds to your 3D printer’s power supply, and it will work with your machine. All you need to do is mount it and wire it in.

If you’re still unsure, tell us which 3D printers you’re using in our survey so we can make sure we’re covering what you need. And if you have questions not covered here, you can always ask us on Discord.


Are datasheets for the Revo Hemera XS available now?

Yes! You can find datasheets on the E3D Help Centre


Can I upgrade my Classic Hemera with a smaller Hemera XS motor?

Yes! Besides a kit that includes everything needed, we’re selling XS motors separately so you can retrofit your existing Hemera with a smaller, lighter motor. Just make sure you update your extruder mount to fit the new mounting pattern.


Behind the heatsink: The Hemera XS motor, geartrain, and idler


Can I use Revo Hemera XS with Revo Nozzles?

Yes! The Revo Hemera XS kit we sell will include a Revo HeaterCore and Revo Nozzles – one if you buy a single nozzle kit, and a pack of four different ones when you buy a Fully Loaded kit. The Revo ecosystem is expanding, so any future ones we release (like ObXidian for composite materials) will work with it too.


Can I use Revo Hemera XS with V6 nozzles?

Yes! The included heatsink has an M4 internal thread that can be used with a Hemera heatbreak and standard V6 heaterblock. You won’t get the easy nozzle swapping advantages of our Revo ecosystem, but you will be able to use V6-type nozzles you already have on hand, plus V6 ecosystem extension such as Volcano and SuperVolcano, and abrasion resistant nozzles which are available on our webstore right now. There is enough pushing force for all of these!


Can I use an ultra-quiet fan (e.g. Noctua) on the Revo Hemera XS heatsink?

We won’t stop you doing this, but please note we've validated the included fan to work with Revo Hemera XS. Any other fans aren’t covered under warranty if you run into issues (e.g. heat creep).


Is there a way E3D can answer questions about Revo Hemera XS and other E3D products on a real time instant messaging platform?

Yes! Join The E3D Discord and you can chat with TeamE3D in real time, as well as many more knowledgeable 3D printing experts in the community.


Where to buy

Revo Hemera XS is available now! Buy from our webstore or from our global reseller network.

(If you’re buying outside the UK or in the EU, we recommend using your local reseller to avoid the benefits of Brexit.)


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