Written by Clare Difazio


It’s getting hot in here. Introducing the Revo High Temperature range

TL;DR: New Revo High-Temperature range lands today, and completes the ecosystem - for now.

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of a robust and performant addition to the Revo ecosystem: the High-Temperature Hotside Kit. Designed as a high temperature upgrade for users of the Revo ecosystem, this kit is a gamechanger for taking your Revo set-up to the next level.

  • The same tool-free nozzle swapping experience of ‘standard’ Revo
  • Robust hotside tested to 1000hrs at 500°C
  • Fully compatible with Revo-friendly coldsides
  • Reach up to 500°C
  • Abrasive resistant, high temperature Revo nozzles

It’s time to go beyond PLA

It’s no secret that the most popular 3D printing polymer is PLA: its low price and ease of use, teamed with the ability to print as low as 180°C without a heated bed makes it an excellent choice. Don't get us wrong: PLA is a great material. It’s resistant to warping, there are thousands of colour and blend options - and it prints great. However, once you start wanting more performant materials for specific applications, you want to think about High Temperature printing capability.

So what exactly does a High-Temperature Revo mean?

High temperature printing requires several different aspects to come together to create an extrusion system capable of reaching up to 500°C. We’ve designed the kit to be configurable to your own needs based on your 3D printer’s specification.

What are we launching?

  • Revo HT-Abrasive nozzles – made from a copper spreader paired with a hardened steel insert and finished off with a Chromium Nitride coating to provide abrasive resistance up to 500°C
  • Revo HT block – a Revo compatible plated copper block to enable printing up to 500°C. (Read on for more about why we chose a Block format)
  • Revo High Temperature Hotsides – a bundle of all the new HT goodness! These kits include the HT block, your sensor (PT100 or PT1000) and heater (High-Precision or High-Temperature) of choice, plus a variation of HT-Abrasive nozzles.
  • Coming later in 2023 – HT socks

Key Components of the High-Temperature Hotside Kit

The High-Temperature Hotside Kit comprises several key components that work in perfect harmony to deliver outstanding results. Let's take a closer look at each of these components:

Revo HT Block

The heart of the High Temperature Hotside Kit is the plated copper heater block

When it comes to high-temperature printing, we understand the unique challenges and requirements that users face. That's why we have made a deliberate choice to use a plated copper block instead of a ceramic heater core in our High Temperature Hotside Kit.

With its exceptional thermal properties, the plated copper heater block is an iteration of our popular V6 version, and enables users to achieve rapid heat-up times and maintain stable temperatures even at extreme levels. Most importantly, we believe in providing our customers with a solution that not only meets their immediate needs but also stands the test of time. This beast is built to last. This Revo HT Block has been tested at its rated temperature for 1000 hours. Our electricity bill is...interesting.

Revo ObXidian non-stick demonstration

Revo HT-Abrasive Nozzles 

(High Temperature, AbraXive resistant)

HT-Abrasive nozzles are high-temperature capable, abrasion-resistant nozzles. Much like ObXidian, HT-Abrasive nozzles have a hardened steel tip, copper carrier and copper spreader segment to optimise the transfer of heat to the heatsink. The nozzle is then coated with Chromium Nitride to provide abrasive resistance up to 500°C.

As always, these Revo nozzles were designed, tested and manufactured on site at E3D and at a local UK supplier, so we have total oversight and control over the production process. This makes us happy.

HT-Abrasive nozzles are multipurpose too – because of their copper base material, you can easily print at ‘normal’ temperatures without adjusting your print profile – much like ObXidian. These are, as Sanjay might say, ‘damn fine nozzles’.

Print-high temperature abrasive materials faster with our latest High Flow High Temperature Abrasive Nozzles! They are available in 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2 and 1.4 mm nozzle diameters.

Temperature Sensors: Hot, or hot?

To accurately monitor and control the temperature, the High Temperature Hotside Kit offers two options for temperature sensors: the PT100 and PT1000. These sensors provide highly accurate temperature readings, allowing users to fine-tune their printing parameters with confidence. Whether your set-up is more suited to the PT100 or PT1000, rest assured that both options deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

Heater Cartridges:

The High Temperature Hotside Kit offers two heater cartridge options, each tailored to meet specific temperature requirements. The High Precision heater is designed to reach temperatures up to 400°C, while the High Temperature version takes it a step further, enabling printing at temperatures up to a staggering 500°C. These heater cartridges ensure rapid heating and precise temperature control, making them ideal for high-temperature applications.

Fully customisable Hotside kits.

Neat little pre-assembled Revo hotsides, consisting of the HT HeaterBlock, a sensor of choice (PT100 or PT1000), along with a heater of choice (High-Precision or High-Temperature) either with no nozzles, 1 x 0.4mm HT-Abrasive nozzle or 1 x 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm and 0.8mm HT-Abrasive nozzles.


  • Temperature sensor type: PT1000
  • Max printing temperature: 400°C
  • Wattage: 40W
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Nozzle compatibility: Revo HTX
  • Weight: 35g


Edition 1

Approved: JH 22/03/23, Published: 22/03/23

Too hot to handle.

We recommend the use of gloves when handling high temperature nozzles and blocks as the oils from your hands off gas at high temperatures resulting in an odour and increased probability for accelerated corrosion of component parts.


The Revo ecosystem is suitable for a very large variety of 3D printers, from Creality Ender 3s, Prusa MK3, Voron builds and more. We have several upgrade kits and guides to help you make the switch. And essentially, once you’ve got Revo, you’re now free to experiment with exotic materials without temperature limitations.

Unleash Your Creativity

The Revo High Temperature Hotside Kit is not just another upgrade; it is a gateway to a new world of possibilities. With its exceptional performance and advanced features, this kit empowers users to explore the limits of high-temperature 3D printing. Whether you are a professional looking to create intricate prototypes or an enthusiast seeking to push the boundaries of your creativity, the High Temperature Hotside Kit is your ultimate tool.

Visit our store today to see full technical details for the High Temperature Hotside Kit, and bag yourself one whilst you’re there. Here’s to a very hot future.

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