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Product Updates

The E3D ToolChanger - Pricing Breakdown

Clarifications on costs for the ToolChanger and Motion System.

Out of Beta and Available to Buy Now!

It seems that we didn't make things totally clear in our last post (sorry), so let us clarify a few things. Maybe you felt duped when you saw that you'd be buying 4 more Titans when you've already got some lying around, well don't panic... Each of the individual items that would make up a full ToolChanger and Motion System kit will be available to purchase as individual items, you do NOT have to buy the complete kit. Our price indication in the previous blog was to give you a rough idea of how much it would set you back if you were to buy everything. For those of you that won't need the full kit, here's a price breakdown of the parts (remember these aren't set in stone and exclude VAT):

1 Motion System £1,350
1 ToolChanger Coupler £150 (this requires a small amount of re-engineering for it to be easily mountable onto any printer)
4 V6 Bowden Tools £100 each
Duet Wiring Loom £100
High Temperature Heated Bed £110
Glass Bed £35
SSR £14
4 Titans (2 Standard & 2 Mirrored, 1.75mm, Bowden Adaptor) £60.50 & £65.50
Duet Wi-Fi £120
2 PT100 Daughterboards for Duet Wi-Fi £27.60 each
Duex5 £82.50

Hopefully this clears a few things up and remember to check out what our Beta testers are getting up to with their machines:


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