Written by Will Hardy


TL; DR: Due to popular demand, we’ve updated one of our ToolChanger bundles to come with Revo Hemera XS tools instead of V6 Hemera.

E3D Toolchanger gets a Revo Hemera XS refresh

Since we launched Revo just over a year ago, we’ve had a steady stream of requests for a fully kitted out Revo ToolChanger bundle. With the ecosystem beginning to take shape, and new releases on the horizon, now was a good time to make the swap.

📷 The Revo Hemera XS Tool

What's changed?

The only thing that’s changed in the bill of materials is swapping 4x (V6) Hemera for 4x Revo Hemera XS. Just make sure you print the right parts for the new toolhead! The old Hemera Toolhead printed parts will not work with Revo Hemera XS. You can find all ToolChanger printed parts here on Printables.

With the shorter XS motor, we’ve got more space to play with. The part cooling fan is now mounted at an angle to improve airflow. We’ve also gone for a more open design, which helps to eke out even more weight savings over the original Hemera tool. The new parts are also designed to be printable without support material, as despite how great PrusaSlicer’s latest organic supports are, it’s always nice to avoid using them!

Why have we made the change?

We were very keen to bring all the benefits of the Revo ecosystem over to ToolChanger. We’ve seen plenty of users enjoying Revo on their motion systems already and we wanted to make it a standard configuration. If Revo is new to you, it offers nozzle swaps with your fingers at room temperature without complex tools or hot tightening. Each Revo™ Nozzle is factory sealed, making it more reliable than existing V6 style, HotEnd technology. You can learn more about RapidChange Revo here.

Another big selling point of the new tools is their significantly lower weight. The Revo Hemera XS toolhead is around 370 grams all-in, whereas the Hemera Toolhead was often 500+ grams. These weights will vary depending on your own setup, but you should see a reduction in mass of over 25% per tool.

ToolChanger is still very much an experimental research platform that is aimed at experienced users, and adding Revo Hemera XS tools hasn’t changed that. We don’t recommend ToolChanger for those newer to 3D printing. However, if you feel you’re up to the challenge, the E3D ToolChanger is one of the most versatile machines available for 3D printing. It is built for high speeds and quick accelerations and the new Revo Hemera XS Toolhead enables these values to be even higher.

Is the setup process different?

The assembly process should be almost identical. The new Toolhead printed parts are visually different but attach using the same fixings and in largely the same way. We recommend following our existing documentation which can be found here.

📹 René Jurack’s ToolChanger assembly videos are extremely helpful if you’re setting up a Toolchanger for the first time. 

The same firmware can also be used but you will need to adjust the z offset of your tools and change the X position of the Toolplate. More information can be found in the description of the Printables model for the Revo Hemera XS Tool.

📹 René also has videos on firmware setup.

Do you have an upgrade kit for those already using Toolchanger?

We have a Revo Hemera upgrade kit and Hemera XS motors available to buy separately. If you are changing to a Hemera XS motor, a new set of printed parts will be required.

📷 Revo Hemera upgrade kit

📷 Hemera XS motor

ToolChanger Tools (1.75mm)
ToolChanger Tools (1.75mm)
ToolChanger Tools (1.75mm)
ToolChanger Tools (1.75mm)
ToolChanger Tools (1.75mm)
ToolChanger Tools (1.75mm)

ToolChanger Tools (1.75mm)

Blank Tool Plate & Dock Kit
Blank Tool Plate & Dock Kit

Blank Tool Plate & Dock Kit