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    V6 Heater Block for Sensor Cartridges
    This heater block works with our new standard thermistor t...
    £11.50 £13.80
  2. Quickview
    V6 Silicone Socks (Pack of 3)
    Upgrade your E3D V6 Hot End with the E3D Silicone Sock. Th...
    £3.50 £4.20
  3. Quickview
    v6 Plated Copper Heater Block
    Nickel-plated copper-alloy heater blocks for high-temperat...
    £19.50 £23.40
  4. Quickview
    Brass Nozzles - V6
    The widest selection of high-performance brass nozzles on ...

    Starting at £4.50 £5.40

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    V6 HotEnd - Metal Only
    Our market-leading Hot End: all-metal design, British engi...
    £32.00 £38.40
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    V6 Heat Break
    This is a replacement Heat Break for E3D V6 1.75mm/3mm Bow...
    £11.50 £13.80
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    v6 HeatSink - 1.75mm Universal
    This is a replacement Heat Sink for E3D V6 Bowden and Dire...
    £12.00 £14.40
  8. Quickview
    v6 HeatSink - 3mm Direct
    This is a replacement Heat Sink for E3D V6 Bowden and Dire...
    £10.00 £12.00
  9. Quickview
    V6 Fan Duct
    A fan duct for the V6 HotEnd, injection moulded out of tra...
    £1.00 £1.20
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    v6 HeatSink - 3mm Bowden
    A replacement v6 HeatSink for 3mm Bowden systems.
    £12.00 £14.40
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    Fixing Kit (v6)
    A bag of fixings to help you mount your E3D V6 Hot End....
    £1.00 £1.20
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    PT100 Temperature Sensor
    Make your HotEnd run at higher temperatures with better ac...
    £12.50 £15.00
  13. Quickview
    v6 Heater Block & Fixings (Thermistor Clamping)
    This is a replacement Heater Block designed for E3D V6 and...
    £9.00 £10.80
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    Hardened Steel Nozzles - V6
    Hardened abrasion-resistant nozzles developed to last a li...

    Starting at £15.00 £18.00

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    Stainless Steel Nozzles - V6
    Medical grade and food safe stainless steel nozzles. Print...

    Starting at £15.00 £18.00

  16. Quickview
    Plated Copper Nozzles - V6
    Durable, non-stick, high temperature performance nozzles. ...

    Starting at £9.80 £11.76

  17. Quickview
    Experimental Nozzles
    From high-resolution 0.15mm diameters to undrilled nozzles...

    Starting at £5.00 £6.00

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    V6 Titanium Heat Break (1.75mm)
    These high-grade Titanium Heat Breaks are an upgrade to th...
    £32.50 £39.00
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    V6 Heatsink
    V6 Hotend Heatsinks

    Starting at £10.00 £12.00

  20. Quickview
    Plated Copper Nozzles - Volcano
    Durable, non-stick, extremely high temperature performance...

    Starting at £13.10 £15.72

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    Capricorn Bowden Tubing (100mm)
    High-performance Capricorn XS PTFE tubing for bowden 3D pr...
    £0.89 £1.07
  22. Quickview
    V6 Threaded Heatsink
    Beta Product. A new, blue threaded V6 heatsink intended as...
    £13.03 £15.64
  23. Quickview
    Plated Copper Volcano Block
    Print big and fast! The plated copper Volcano upgrades you...
    £24.00 £28.80
  24. Quickview
    Volcano Block for Sensor Cartridges
    This Volcano heater block allows you to use our high tempe...
    £15.00 £18.00
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    Brass Nozzles - Volcano
    High-performance brass nozzles for your Volcano HotEnd. Fr...

    Starting at £5.50 £6.60

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    Hardened Steel Nozzles - Volcano
    Durable hardened Steel nozzles for your Volcano HotEnd. 3D...

    Starting at £16.00 £19.20

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