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V6 All-Metal HotEnd

V6 All-Metal HotEnd

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High-temperature performance

The benefit of an all-metal design means the V6 can comfortably reach 300°C with the supplied thermistor. If you’d like to print at higher temperatures (up to 500°C), then you will need to use a plated copper heater block along with a PT100 or PT1000. Print standard materials such as PLA, PETG and ABS and high-temperature materials such as Polycarbonate, Ultem, Nylon and PEEK.

Easy to use

The V6 features a cartridge-style heater block, enabling a no-fuss approach to replacing both heater cartridges and temperature sensors. Replacement thermistors, PT100’s and thermocouples can be slid into place and secured with a grub screw, ensuring maintenance is simple and painless.


Our all-metal HeatBreak maintains a sharp thermal break to provide better control over filament output; improving start and stops when extruding, as well as more effective retraction, combating oozing and stringing. The all-metal HeatBreak features a refined internal surface finish to reduce extrusion force and improve the reliability of retractions.

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