About E3D

The Directors:

Dave and Sanjay fell in love with 3D printing while still working on their graduate teaching course. From making a few hundred hot ends they quickly realised the maker community's need for high-quality printing parts. Along with Josh, they founded E3D Online in 2012. E3D has since grown from a tiny start-up to a business with more than 25 employees known for its outstanding reliability, quality, and innovation. Our offices are now based in Oxford, where we design, build, and ship our products.

"We're a lovable bunch of misfits but that's what makes E3D work. We're all different people but we share the same values."

David Lamb

Business manager in charge of production, sales ,and human resources. Dave loves 3D printing so much that he named his dog after a printing component.

Sanjay Mortimer

Research, development, and commercial manager. Believes in invention, innovation and the 3D printing community. Majestic hair.

Joshua Rowley

Design engineer, IT developer, research and supply chain manager. Head database wrangler.


As E3D grows, more and more people are joining the team. When you get in touch as a customer, reseller, or OEM, it's likely that you'll be talking to one of these:


Stock Manager and organisational badass.


Head of Marketing and part of the 3D printing industry since 2012. Loves sailing, skiing, and an assortment of geeky things.


Head of Sales and Customer service with a big booming voice. An ex-military man, Dan previously led a team in sales and customer support at Royal Mail and started on the ground at E3D in the packing department. These days Dan works with youth organisations in his spare time.


Digital Marketing Assistant in charge of social media and making things pretty.


Technical Support Assistant who loves tinkering with 3D printers and cycling around Oxford.


Customer Service and Support Assistant with a beautiful voice and gentle soul.

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