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Revo™ CR for Creality 3D Printers: Available to buy now!

TL; DR: We introduce you to Revo CR and explain why it’s a worthwhile upgrade for your Creality Ender or CR10.


Meet Revo CR

Revo CR is the latest addition to our RapidChange Revo ecosystem. Whilst Revo Six, Micro, and Hemera can be made to work with a variety of 3D printers, Revo CR is a drop-in replacement for some of the most common Creality machines, making the upgrade process super-efficient.

Side on Revo CR showing yellow wires
Revo CR features a yellow thermistor wire for easy identification. This is to denote that it uses an identical sensor element to stock Creality printers. Thanks to this Creality-specific Heatercore and the inclusion of butt splice connectors, to install Revo CR you don’t need to touch any firmware or even open your wiring loom. In fact, the upgrade can be done in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

Don’t believe us? – Check out this upgrade guide video:



Why should I upgrade?

Revo CR is a quick way to bring all the benefits of the Revo system direct to your Creality machine.
If you’ve not been following the REVOlution, here are some of the improvements you can expect:

30-second, toolless nozzle changes
Change Nozzles at room temperature using just your fingers. That’s all there is to it really. 
For even faster Nozzle changes, you can edit your start and end Gcode to retract filament at the end of each print. Follow this guide.

Faster Heat up and Cooldown
Thanks to its HeaterCore, Revo features a more responsive heater with significantly faster heat-up and cooldown times! 

No more leaks
The continuous heatbreak-to-nozzle geometry means there’s no need to seal the Nozzle to the Heaterblock at 300 degrees. This has the added benefit of removing almost any risk of leaks.

Reduced machine downtime
If something happens to your Revo Nozzle, simply swap in a spare one and get straight back to printing.

Easy identification at a glance
Nozzle sizes are colour coded pink (0.15), yellow (0.25), red (0.4), blue (0.6) and green (0.8) for identification at a distance. Don’t worry, we also engrave every single Revo Nozzle with its size just in case you lose a sock
Colourful nozzle holders Colour-coded, modular Revo Nozzle holders. Download them from Printables.

Engineered for safety
A fundamental problem with the design of the current standard, i.e., the Heaterblock and cartridge approach, is that the thermistor always has a small chance of dislodging from the Heaterblock mid-print.
If the thermistor does get loose, it will begin sensing the temperature of the room rather than the block. The mainboard will then continue to dump more and more power into the heater. This dangerous cycle would result in your aluminium Heaterblock melting down and if that wasn’t bad enough, the machine is also a serious fire hazard.
Under normal circumstances, this should be caught by your printer’s built-in thermal runaway protection. The problem is some users (and even certain manufacturers!) disable them.

A Revo system provides a fail-safe solution at the hardware level. The heater of a Revo Heatercore has a strong positive temperature coefficient (PTC) effect, meaning that the maximum power of the heater decreases with temperature, reducing severity of the hazard in the event of a thermal runaway. Furthermore, the heater and sensor are potted in ceramic compound, housed in a silicone sock, and strain relieved so it’s much less likely anything will come loose.

More accessible and more user friendly
Cost hasn’t been a prohibiting factor in desktop 3D printing for some time now. You can pick up a working 3D printer for less than £100. However, requiring users to interact with a 300-degree chunk of metal makes Nozzle changes very inaccessible. If you aren’t capable or willing to change Nozzles as a user, you are limited by whatever Nozzle the manufacturer chose to include in the machine.

Encourages experimentation and creativity
Have you ever tried using a different Nozzle size? – If the answer is no then you really are missing out. From abrasive materials (really Soon™) to unbelievably detailed prints, switching Nozzles opens a whole new range of possibilities for your 3D printer.

Easier blob clean-up
Revo won’t eliminate blobs, but it is better equipped to deal with them! Thanks to the HotEnd socks and the cover over the strain relief, it is now easier to salvage your HotEnd if you encounter a blob.
Improved blob cleanup with Revo Jordon, aka MadMonkey demonstrated it perfectly here. If you look carefully, you can even see the negative impression of the E3D logo on the HeaterCore sock. Thanks, Jordon!


Will Revo CR work with my printer?

We have an up-to-date list of compatible printers on the E3D Helpcentre. If your printer is not on our list but you think it might work, you can measure it against your stock HotEnd using the dimensions on this data sheet.


Where to buy

Revo CR ships today! Buying outside the UK? Avoid additional charges and lead times by ordering from your local E3D Reseller. Want more information before buying? Documentation for Revo Creality is available on the E3D Help Centre.

If you have further questions, we’re available to chat on Discord or social media. Don’t forget to follow our blog for the latest E3D news and updates!


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