E3D's new colourful RapidChange Revo nozzles sizes 0.25 (yellow), 0.4 (red), 0.6 (blue) and 0.8 (green).

RapidChange Revo™ Nozzles: Easy to screw in, hard to screw up

How have Revo Nozzles improved on existing hardware? The development of our new RapidChange Revo ecosystem has left Revo Nozzles looking very different to their V6 predecessor. Looks aren’t the only thing that's changed though: Revo Nozzles are an integral part of the new ecosystem and are key to a number of improvements.

In this blog, we share some of the leading features of our new Revo Nozzles, developed specifically for use within our new ecosystem.


They're safer and more reliable

To change a V6 nozzle, your 3D printer has to be powered on and connected to power, heated to nearly 300 degrees, and you often have to partially disassemble something to give yourself enough space to work in.
If that wasn’t already enough of a headache, you also need to avoid touching the heater and thermistor wires with your tools while changing the nozzle. All of that while being quick enough to avoid the printer going into thermal runaway and shutting off the heater. Revo Nozzles mean no more hot tightening. No more burns, almost no chance of HotEnd leaks, and no more unnecessary thermistor casualties.


They're more user friendly

If you can unscrew a tube of toothpaste, you can use a Revo Nozzle. There’s no step-by-step process to learn and no heat involved. We wanted them to be intuitive and as straightforward as possible, so they can be used without documentation. Don’t just take our word for it, later in the blog are some videos from the Formnext show of people changing a Revo Nozzle for the very first time!


They're more accessible

You think one handed nozzle changes are good? Just wait until you try them with two fingers. Oh, and did we mention you don’t need tools to change them?

The value of this new system goes further than a speedy nozzle change. Hot tightening is a minefield for users with limited dexterity. Revo makes nozzle changes straightforward.

Nozzle swapping with Revo Six vs V6: Got a Prusa MK2/MK3 and feel like an upgrade? We have a guide on the way so keep an eye out on our socials


With more material and more processes involved in production, a higher cost than our V6 nozzles was unavoidable. We think the trade-off is well worth it though. Let us tell you why:


Nozzle changes in under 30 seconds

22.2 seconds was our fastest. Until it was obliterated by a number of people in our #E3DRevoRace at Formnext...

...and we thought our attempt was impressive!


No more broken heatbreaks

Ever got a little overenthusiastic when tightening a V6?

A heatbreak that has been snapped off at the base!Heatbreak heartbreak! Source


Reduced downtime

HotEnd clogged and just don’t have the time or energy to clear it? No need for arduous disassembly. Just swap in a new Revo Nozzle. We think this will be especially beneficial to users running multiple 3D printers, with looming deadlines. Clogged nozzles can put a machine out of action while waiting for replacement parts. Swapping to Revo Nozzles could help streamline your operation.

We will be selling spares as single nozzles and in cost effective multipacks, so that you have them on hand in case you get stuck in a (nozzle) jam.

Colour coded and engraved

Nozzle sizes are colour coded yellow (0.25), red (0.4), blue (0.6) and green (0.8) for identification at a distance and if you happen to lose a sock, each nozzle is also engraved with its size.

With our coloured nozzle socks, you can tell what size nozzle is in your printer from across the room.


Have we got your attention yet?

Brass Revo Nozzles will be available at launch (soon!) and our new ObXidian Nozzles won’t be far behind. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, LinkedIn, or our blog to stay up to date.

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