High Temperature Heated Beds
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Mains powered heated beds for high temperature applications. Please read full description. 

** Please note that the 300x200 version is compatible with the BigBox and E3D ToolChanger and Motion System. **



High temperatures heated beds to be used for printing high temperature plastics or where fast heat-up times are required. Must be used with an SSR to switch and control.



Sensor used: 104-GT2 "E3D" thermistor

Power: 500W (200x200), 800W (300x200), 1100W (300x300)



Max operating temp: 200°C

Peak temp: 250°C

Heat up time: 80s to 100°C



⚠️WARNINGS⚠️ These things get HOT!

- Use appropriate protective equipment when operating a machine using this component. 

- Runs on mains voltage, it is the user's resposibility to make sure that the wiring is insulated and compliant with the relevant regulations and that the device is EARTHED (grounded) properly using the threaded hole provided.

- During the first heat cycle, due to the high temperature reacheable by the heated beds, some smoke might be generated by the metal plate or heater. This is normal and due to the manufacturing process, but you must make sure that the device is first heated up in a well ventilated area.

**Please note, you cannot print directly onto the bed, a glass bed is required. These beds are rated to have a flatness of 0.75mm and are compliant enough that when clamped to a glass plate they should match the flatness of the bed.**

Read all about the beds in our latest High Temperature blog post

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1 x High temperature heated bed

4 x PPS bed spacers

4 x M3x8mm bolts

8 x 3mmID washers

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