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    Lite6 HotEnd
    Lite6 is the lower-cost HotEnd from E3D, & is V6 Ecosy...
    £21.50 £25.80
  2. Quickview
    Volcano Upgrade Kit
    Print big and fast! The Volcano upgrades your V6 or Aero H...
    £25.00 £30.00
  3. Quickview
    Titan Aqua
    Titan Aqua is a two-in-one water-cooled HotEnd and Extrude...
    £120.00 £144.00
  4. Quickview
    Sleeker, more moddable, and easier to use than ever: we've...
    £90.00 £108.00
  5. Quickview
    Sleeker, more moddable, and easier to use than ever: we've...
    £65.00 £78.00
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    V6 Gold HotEnd
    All the best V6 parts, carefully curated to make the V6 Go...
    £74.50 £89.40
  7. Quickview
    Plated Copper Volcano Upgrade Kit
    Plated Copper Volcano block and Plated Copper 0.8mm Volcan...
    £51.08 £61.30
  8. Quickview
    Titan Aero
    The Titan Aero is the compact combination HotEnd and Extru...
    £90.00 £108.00
  9. Quickview
    V6 All-Metal HotEnd
    Our market-leading Hot End: all-metal design, British engi...
    £43.00 £51.60
  10. Quickview
    SuperVolcano Upgrade Kit
    Upgrade your E3D HotEnd with the SuperVolcano for super fa...
    £80.00 £96.00
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    Brass Nozzles - SuperVolcano
    High-performance brass nozzles for your SuperVolcano HotEn...

    Starting at £9.50 £11.40

  12. Quickview
    Hardened Steel Nozzles - SuperVolcano
    Durable Hardened Steel nozzles for your SuperVolcano HotEn...

    Starting at £21.50 £25.80

  13. Quickview
    Plated Copper Nozzles - SuperVolcano
    Durable, non-stick, extremely high temperature performance...

    Starting at £21.50 £25.80

  14. Quickview
    SuperVolcano Block & Sock
    Nickel Plated Copper SuperVolcano Heater Block for use wit...
    £58.00 £69.60
  15. Quickview
    SuperVolcano 80W Heater
    Powerful 80W heater cartridge for use with the SuperVolc...
    £12.00 £14.40
  16. Quickview
    E3D's Kraken Hot End is the multi-nozzled, water-cooled, B...
    £145.00 £174.00
  17. Quickview
    Volcano Block and Fixings (Thermistor Clamping)
    A specialised heater block for your HotEnd; part of the E3...
    £15.50 £18.60
  18. Quickview
    Volcano Block for Sensor Cartridges
    This Volcano heater block allows you to use our high tempe...
    £15.00 £18.00
  19. Quickview
    Thermistor Cartridge
    A custom made thermistor encapsulated into an easy to use ...
    £4.50 £5.40
  20. Quickview
    Titan Extruder Hobb (Stainless Steel)
    This stainless steel hobb and drive gear are a drop-in rep...
    £18.50 £22.20
  21. Quickview
    Silicone Socks for Volcano (3Pack)
    Silicone socks to protect and insulate your Volcano heater...
    £5.20 £6.24
  22. Quickview
    Block & Sock V6 Upgrade Kit
    Contains all you'll need to upgrade your standard E3D V6 H...
    £15.00 £18.00
  23. Quickview
    V6 Silicone Socks (Pack of 3)
    Upgrade your E3D V6 Hot End with the E3D Silicone Sock. Th...
    £3.50 £4.20
  24. Quickview
    v6 Plated Copper Heater Block
    Nickel-plated copper-alloy heater blocks for high-temperat...
    £19.50 £23.40
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    Brass Nozzles - V6
    The widest selection of high-performance brass nozzles on ...

    Starting at £4.50 £5.40

  26. Quickview
    Hardened Steel Nozzles - V6
    Hardened abrasion-resistant nozzles developed to last a li...

    Starting at £15.00 £18.00

  27. Quickview
    Cyclops Nozzles
    Unique, tiny brass nozzles specifically designed for use w...

    Starting at £7.50 £9.00

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    V6 Titanium Heat Break (1.75mm)
    These high-grade Titanium Heat Breaks are an upgrade to th...
    £32.50 £39.00
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