RapidChange Revo Nozzle Datasheet


  • During use and cooldown, there is a potential to burn your hands.
  • Your HotEnd and printer are your responsibility. We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by our products use, misuse or abuse.
  • Revo nozzles are to be fastened by hand without the use of tools
  • Revo Nozzles must be fastened at room temperature to avoid burn injuries.


  • Compatible with: Revo Hemera XS, Revo Hemera, Revo Micro, Revo Six, Revo Voron, Revo CR, Revo Prusa MK3, Revo Prusa Mini, Revo Micro LGX, Revo Biqu H2V2, Revo Microswiss NG, BIQU Revo Panda
  • Mass: 8g
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm

Volume and Dimensions

Nozzle Identification

Diameter (mm)Sock colourMax temperature °CAbrasion resistant?Nozzle Colour
0.15Pink300NoBrass Yellow
0.25Yellow300NoBrass Yellow
0.40Red300NoBrass Yellow
0.60Blue300NoBrass Yellow
0.80Green300NoBrass Yellow

Revo™ Nozzle Cleaning Guidelines

The procedures you use to clean V6 nozzles can also be used with Revo Nozzles. However, there are some slight differences in recommended approaches depending on the Revo nozzle material and type; these are outlined below.

  When removing or inserting nozzles tools such as wrenches or pliers must not be used.

Exploded View

  • Revo Nozzle
  • Revo Nozzle sock


Edition 8

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Edition 4

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Edition 3

Approved: DR 07/12/21, Published: 07/12/21, Notes: Flow rate units changed to 10mm³/sec

Edition 2

Approved: RY 13/10/21, Published: 12/10/21, Notes: Revo Thread renamed Revo Micro

Edition 1

Approved: RY 17/09/21, Published: 17/09/21

Recommended cleaning methods:

  • Nylon cleaning filament (internal cleaning method)
  • Warm pull (internal cleaning method)
  • Cold pull (internal cleaning method)
  • Brass brush (external cleaning method)

Non-recommended cleaning methods

  • Needle (internal cleaning)
  • Steel wire brushes (external cleaning methods)
  • Blow torch (internal/ external cleaning method)