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RapidChange Revo Roto

Roto is the extruder that Revo deserves. Building upon decades of extrusion system expertise, E3D has produced a featherweight all-in-one extruder that outperforms competitors for power density and thermal efficiency. Enabling you to push your printer’s speed without sacrificing quality. Oh, and did we mention the Heatsink is 3D printed in aluminium?!

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Roto is light, very light, it comes in at 140g. Pair that with a 18g Revo hotside and you have the lightest snd most power-dense extruder available. For reference, most X carriage motors come in around 280g so this is HALF the mass of a single Nema 17 motor (sadly no banana for scale here).

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Planetary Power

The roto gearbox consists of a planetary initial stage followed by a spur secondary stage with a dual hobb third stage. To put it concisely, this results in enough extrusion force to fully utilise our Revo High Flow nozzles' maximum volumetric flow rates while providing a favourable motor stall (rather than filament grind) failure mode.

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Uniquely Cool

Roto features a first of it's kind 3D printed metal heatsink, yes, you read that correctly. 3D printing gives unparalleled design freedom, which means beyond the obvious cool factor of using this technology, we have been able to highly optimise this design. Minimised wall thicknesses and skeletonised areas mean the Heatsink is as slimmed down as possible. This has not been done at the sacrifice of performance though, in fact this is the most thermally effective heatsink we have ever produced.

Maintenance Minded

Ease of use was a major consideration in the design of Roto. To access the hobbs, all you need to do is remove three bolts to remove the heatsink and filament path whilst leaving the body of your extruder mounted in situ. We have also revamped the filament tensioning system, providing a simple bi-stable mechanism that provides either the optimal tension or completely releases the tension to help with filament loading and cold pulls. This means you can change the nozzle with one hand, and change the filament with one hand.

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Standard or Smart

Roto's evolution doesn't stop at the base performance characteristics you're used to. Upgrade to the sensored bundle to add filament monitoring, an action button, Fan speed monitoring and heatsink temperature monitoring to your arsenal. With all of these improvements, you can implement peace of mind within your workflow with remote monitoring and quick, simple maintenance for the most hands-off 3D printing experience ever.