ToolChanger V6 Bowden Tool (1.75mm)
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Looking for a lightweight tool solution? This Bowden V6 Tool is an excellent choice for a nimble Bowden ToolHead. Includes a docking bracket.

*Please note* no extruder or PTFE tubing is provided with the tool, you can buy those here (standard & mirrored). Also, you will be required to print the printed parts yourself.

The classic E3D V6 performance you are accustomed to, with the additional benefit of a threaded heatsink for a more compact,  sturdier tool. This kit uses a V6 heater block but maintains full compatibility with Volcano or SuperVolcano heater blocks for a versatile system capable of printing with different nozzle sizes within one print.

Key features:

  • 1.75mm Threaded V6 heatsink
  • High precision 24V 30W heater cartridge
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In the box:

  • 1 x Assembled Tool Plate
  • 1 x POM Receiver
  • 1 x HE Bracket
  • 1 x V6 Threaded HotEnd (Standard Thermistor, 0.4mm Brass Nozzle, High Precision 24V 30W Heater)
  • 1 x Tool Fixings Kit
  • 1 x Docket Bracket
  • 2 x Dock Pins
  • 1 x Dock Fixings Kit

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