v6 HeatSink - 3mm Direct
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This is a replacement Heat Sink for E3D V6 Bowden and Direct Hot Ends.

The 3mm Direct v6 HeatSink has been designed to be smaller and more compact than it's v5 predecesor.

Changes since v5

  v5 v6
Weight 35g 20g
Overall Height 50mm 43mm
Large Diameter 25mm 22.3mm


  • The v6 3mm Direct HeatSink is cross compatible with v5 since the HeatBreak remains M6x18. 
  • As with v5, the direct version comes with a 60 degree lead-in angle to help guide filament from your extruder into the HotEnd.
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The v6 1.75mm HeatSink is not cross compatible with v5 since the HeatBreak has changed from M6 to M7 in order to allow for a PTFE lining all the way down into the cold-side of the Heat Break.

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