E3D and LulzBot: Building toolheads that perform

E3D and LulzBot: Building toolheads that perform

LulzBot is one of the most well-known 3D printing brands in the USA. They run a large operation, producing thousands of 3D printers, and employing roughly 100 staff. Their 3D printing customer base ranges from engineers, to designers, to factory-floor workers, to makers. Changes have happened at LulzBot since they began in 2011, but one thing that’s remained steady is their manufacturing partnership with E3D. 

LulzBot’s Universal Mounting System Tool Head provides a durable base for filament extrusion that allows users to equip their printer for almost any application, and E3D technology is at the heart of it. All 2.85mm LulzBot Tool Heads in the Universal Mounting System make use of the Titan Aero. From the high detail 0.25mm nozzle on the SL Tool Head to the 1.2mm hardened steel nozzle on the HS+ Tool Head, E3D extrusion systems provide LulzBot 3D printers with rugged, reliable, and repeatable service.

LulzBot's Aerostruder Tool Head features an E3D Titan Aero HotEnd


LulzBot's HS Tool Head features a Titan Aero HotEnd and a hardened steel nozzle



Two Titan Aeros are mounted together for dual extrusion on the LulzBot TAZ Pro

The benefits of partnering with E3D

Faster to market. E3D fulfil design and manufacturing services, so LulzBot get their products to market faster.

Sharing the burden. LulzBot’s R&D team is free from HotEnd design and development and can focus on perfecting other aspects of their machines, such as the motion system, electronics, and software.

Configurable. LulzBot’s different toolhead variants were made possible because of E3D’s configurable ecosystem. Thanks to this, LulzBot’s customers are ready for a broad range of use-cases.

Cost-effective. Manufacturing a high-quality HotEnd from scratch takes significant cost, not to mention R&D resources. With E3D, LulzBot saved time and money by avoiding trial and error – they have a market-proven system to integrate into their machines.

Proven performance. Choosing an experienced HotEnd manufacturer gives LulzBot the confidence that the extrusion system will perform for all kinds of different customer scenarios, as well as performance with a wide range of filaments, including flexible and carbon fibre enforced materials.

Robust supply chain. E3D has consistently met LulzBot’s production demand – the supply chain has kept flowing even during a global pandemic!



“Working with E3D has been a really good relationship – it’s also one that the customers really appreciate. Thanks to E3D, we’ve been able to offer a wider variety of purpose-built Tool Heads to our customers. We enjoy being a part of the innovation happening at E3D and look forward to our continued partnership. Whatever happens at LulzBot, we know we have E3D backing us up.”

– Todd Atchison, Creative Director, LulzBot 3D

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